Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy

Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy is a global entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist, with decades of experience in the engineering construction industry. He is a successful investor and has managed a billion dollar Energy Company.

Education and Early Years

Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy
Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy

Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy holds academic degrees in the field of Electrical Engineering and Economics. In 1984, he received his first degree from the Commander General Komarovsky Military Engineering Construction School in Leningrad.

He went on to earn a second engineering degree from military school and then a degree in Economics from the University of Moscow. Following completion of his studies, Pshegornitskiy entered the Russian Army, where he not only excelled in energy construction, but also earned quite a reputation in boxing. In 1988, he was awarded the Medal of the International Warrior by decree of the President of Afghanistan.

Professional Development

After his significant years of military service concluded, Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy began to build his professional career. Following the path of his academic training, he became involved in the energy construction field. Pshegornitskiy benefitted from the lack of skilled engineers at the time and easily found employment. He also exercised his entrepreneurial spirit, initiating a number of electricity projects. He enjoyed early success and gained a strong reputation as a construction engineer, as well as for his professional approach to the industry.

From 2004-2008, Pshegornitskiy became involved with a number of regulatory and oversight bodies, such as the Academy of Finances for the Government of the Russian Federation, and served as Deputy Director for Strategic Development at the St. Petersburg Center of Energy Construction Networks. In 2008, Pshegornitskiy was appointed President of the Association of Energy Facilities Construction Companies.

Professionalizing the Energy Facilities Construction Industry

The Association of Energy Facilities Construction Companies was formed to improve the quality of services provided to consumers, to professionalize the industry, to develop clean technologies and implement a strategic plan for economic competitiveness and sustainability. As President of the Association, Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy was responsible for growing the Association’s membership, establishing its reputation among industry members and government bodies and moving forward the Association’s mission.

Pshegornitskiy’s accomplishments during his tenure included:

  • Coordinated successful interactions between stakeholders of the energy construction industry, including Association members, regulatory bodies, and consumers.
  • Led the Association toward the successful development and implementation of model codes of self-regulation in the electricity industry. The model codes have been highly praised for the positive impact they have had on improving the quality of work by contractors, speeding delivery of end product, streamlining management and overall improvement in public opinion toward the electricity industry.
  • Managed the development of innovative solutions to the threats facing the industry to ensure economic viability and sustainability.

From 2008-2009, Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy chaired a working group consisting of members from the leading Russian electric engineering construction companies. The task of the working group was to review the impact of proposed legislation on energy facilities construction companies, and to develop key relationships with the Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, Chair of the Committee on Energy of the State Duma, and other stakeholders within governmental bodies. The ultimate goal was to develop and receive approval for a self-regulation mechanism, touching on key components such as job certification, expectations for general contractor performance, education and training requirements, and standards of conduct.


Anatoliy Pshegornitskiy holds a strong belief in the importance of giving back to the community. He founded a charity that provides financial resources to needy families to pay for critical, life-saving surgeries and medicines for infants and children. He gives of his time to serve on various societies of engineering and construction, participating in the building of the next generation of leaders in the energy facilities industry.